How to Tell if a Girl Likes You? Know These 30 Points!

To all guys/dudes/men out there, do you have a problem how to tell if a girl likes you or just flirting? Politeness is really scarce these days, so it’s not really your fault that you cannot tell how to tell if a girl likes you. Often there are cases where poor guys are misled and end up embarrassing themselves. It’s not like our parents told us about this, it is just a thing of the sexes, being confusing and getting the wrong signals. Plus not all women have the same way of flirting. Some may do so with body language while some others prefer to use other methods.

Sometimes we meet the women that we like, and whenever she smiles or looks at you a funny way, it is so easy to misunderstand and get the wrong ideas. Especially if you belong to the socially awkward class, where every interaction with any woman can make the polite seems flirty. This game too is not easy to play. It can be so hard to find the mutual connection. Unlike those 6′ 1″ male models who have women throwing themselves at them, we can’t see how to tell if a girl likes you.

So how to tell if a girl likes you? People who are more socially active might not have a problem, due to early exposure and all, but to those who are not, here we have testimonies of 30 different women on how they act and flirt around men they actually like, so you nerds out there better read on properly if you don’t want to confess to the next girl that gives you a high-five.

1- Not Nice But …….
Refusing to Love but Liking

There are girls who keep silent knowing how to tell if a girl likes you and they will NOT be nice to the guy that she likes. Instead they give them so much headaches. So if there’s a girl who’s unnecessarily annoying you, you might want to inquire why.

2- Invitation
Her Presence is All Inviting

This woman says that if a girl likes you, she will know how to tell if a girl likes you.  That is more likely to invite you to something, or fish for an invite from you. This is why men need to listen more closely when women are talking.

3- Shy but Wanting
Approval with Shyness

girls might avoid a direct confrontation or contact, yet will work to sit closer to you, especially if the girl is a bit shy or reserved. It can be hard to know how to tell if a girl likes you.

4- Men’s Initiative
Men to Start

Sometimes men need to step up and they know how to tell if a girl likes you and show that you are interested in her. That way you can watch their reaction; if she responds in a similar fashion then you are good to go.

5- All Out to Choose
Looking at Each Other

This will reveal how to tell if a girl likes you while the girl here says that she would go out of her way for the guy that she likes. Girls who are actually interested in you will more likely pay you more attention than the other guys, so pay attention.

6- Implied Yes
The Body Language

Watch out for body language. A girl might play with her hair or her ears, and some would even bite their lips around a guy that she likes. These are some factors to look out for on how to tell if a girl likes you.

7- Near You
If She Opts to be Near You

Girls who are into you will make efforts to be near you and that you know how to tell if a girl likes you. If you are far away, she will look for you, and if your eyes met, she would probably look away or blushes by herself, among other things to look out for.

8- Being Interested
Showing All Interest

If a girl likes you, she would act being interested with your life. She would also mention or subtly hint at your sex lives. This would also entail efforts at making intimate jokes with you and only you, so don’t worry on how to tell if a girl likes you.

9- Ignore the Liked
Going Opposite Direction

this girl hints how to tell if a girl likes you, that is among the many others that do not flirt. According to her, she would avoid direct eye contact and completely ignores the person she likes. This would be harder to tell, but if there was a girl who seems distant to you, you might still have a chance.

10- Already Booked
What is Not Interested?

Here’s a helpful tip; if a girl is not flirting with you, she would mention from the start that she already has a boyfriend or is seeing someone and is just looking to have a conversation, ao you’d understand how to tell if a girl likes you.

11- Blushing Friends
Want to Blush Together

How to tell if a girl likes you means that according to this testimony girls are more likely to blush around you, or if she is more outright, would try and make physical contact.

12- Body Speaks Too
How She Looks at You

Again, how to tell if a girl likes you, focus on body language. If a woman is interested she’d be going that extra mile to have a conversation with you. She would be making serious eye contacts, her body facing you directly. If she’s giving you compliments, that’s good too.

13- No Eye Contact But…..
Eyes Do Not Meet but hearts Do.

This girl here is shy, so she would avoid eye contact. That’s a pretty good sign; a girl who avoids looking into your eyes when you talk probably has a crush on you, in important view on how to tell if a girl likes you.

14- Eye Contact
The Understandable Eye Contact

Same here; eye contact, but in a different context. Girls who are uninterested would not try to maintain eye contact and they do not know how to tell if a girl likes you.

15- Not So Sure
No So Sure?

This girl in this situation testified that men should just assume the girl is flirting, and to just go with it. If only we’re that lucky to know straight away how to tell if a girl likes you then wisdom is likely to prevail.