Teen Wants To Give Grandma Prom She Never Had, School Says No

There was a time when proms were made for firsts. They acted as a kind of debutante ball for teens and it would, for many, be the first social event of their young adult lives.

While this can lead to friendly, competitive rivalry between attendees. it is also the first major formal dance event that many attend and their first real chance to wear formal evening attire too.

However, one first that the organizers of prom never considered was taking your grandma as your date. As you’ll see, this first didn’t go down well with one school at all.

10. An American Tradition

Prom is an American tradition. It’s a coming of age event that integrates perfectly with the school year. It allows peers to come together and celebrate their passage into adulthood. It is the biggest milestone between the teenage years of school and either university or the world of work.