Tattoo Artist Confessions Reveal The Reality Of Their Work

As far as we can tell, tattoos have been around since at least the neolithic times, thanks to a mummy skin that’s been preserved over the many years. The oldest tattooed skin that’s been found dates back to between 3370 and 3100 BC. The concept is pretty old.

That also means that people have been giving tattoos for thousands of years as well. Modern day tattoo artists might not have the same challenges that tattoo artists had way back when, but they do have their challenges.

Here we have some confessions from tattoo artists about what really goes on at work. Some will stun you, but at least #5 will make you laugh.

7. They Get Bored

Some tattoo artists have shared that a lot of people come in with “original” ideas that are actually just very common ideas that they found on Pinterest. There are quite a few different things to get tattooed on a body but like anything else, certain things trend more than others.

6. They Get Insulted

Tattoo art is art like anything else, and everyone has a slightly different style. Sometimes the taste of the tattoo artist and the client are slightly different, and clients can be a little harsh when they aren’t happy with how things turned out. One tattoo artist described it as getting his work “trashed.” Ouch.

5. They Try To Distract You

One tattoo artist admitted that she purposefully dresses sexy when she’s doing tattoo work in an effort to distract her clients. Distracted clients are less likely to try to micromanage the tattoo as it’s being done, and they’re also less likely to complain about the pain, too. The next tip will warm your heart.

4. It Can Be Very Rewarding

In some cases, giving tattoos can be very rewarding. Some tattoo artists end up covering up self-harm scars with tattoo ink which can give people a whole new lease on life. As they go through their emotional healing process, they get the chance to showcase a new version of themselves externally as well.

3. They Want To Be Trusted

It’s really important to tattoo artists that they feel trusted by their clients. Not only are they putting needles into the skin of strangers, but they’re creating a work of art that will be on their body for the rest of their lives. It can very uncomfortable for them if they feel like people don’t trust them throughout the process.