Surprising Facts About The REAL Slim Shady Eminem Fans Don’t Know

Do you know Slim Shady? Yes, the real Slim Shady. Not all the other Slim Shadys. The real Slim Shady. If you know the real Slim Shady, then please stand up. Please stand up. Please. Stand up. If you don’t know him, then take a seat because it’s about to get real.

When Marshall Mathers III (better known as “Eminem”) burst onto the scene in the 1990’s, he changed hip-hop forever. Despite worldwide fame, there is still plenty to learn about the Detroit rapper.

So let’s take some time and get to know the “real Slim Shady” with these 10 facts.¬†Number seven is almost certainly new to most of you reading this, but nothing compares to the final slide on our list!

10. Eminem Only Read One Book

With a natural gift of rhyming gab, you’d think Eminem is a well-read individual. Well, think again. In 2010, Eminem told¬†Rolling Stone magazine he’s only read one book all the way through. That book? LL Cool J’s biography I Make My Own Rules. It seems like Eminem took those words to heart.