Surprising Celebrities Living With Debilitating Illnesses

FotorCreatedSociety usually holds celebrities as these larger than life figures, but whether they’re on the big screen, in your headphones or on the playing field, many are just like you and me. They might be living luxurious lives, but they have to deal with some of the daily problems and serious ailments of everyday people. We all come down with an illness like the common cold once in a while, but many are struggling with debilitating illnesses.


Here are some of the most surprising celebrities dealing with diseases and disorders that you won’t see coming. For the most shocking reveal, stick around for the #1 slide.

15. Pamela Anderson

001-15-pamela-anderson--1061023Pamela Anderson revealed in 2002 that she suffers from Hepatitis C, which she contracted from sharing tattoo needles with her ex-husband and father of her two children, Tommy Lee. Anderson said that when she was diagnosed with the disease, doctors told her that she would die in 10 years, but fortunately with advancement in the medical community, she was cured of the disease in 2015.

14. Brooke Burke

002-14-brooke-burke-1040201Brooke Burke looked like the picture of health when she won Dancing with the Stars, but four years later she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Fortunately for Brooke, she was able to undergo aggressive treatment and has been cancer-free for years. Since then she has been an activist and has spoken out at events such as Stand Up To Cancer. At that particular event, she said she was beginning “the best part of my life.”

Think this is surprising? Check out #10.

13. Tom Hanks

003-13-tom-hanks-1040236Hanks is no stranger to extreme body transformations for his roles. In 2013, Hanks saw the toll his career had taken on his body when he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. His doctors believe his commitment to his craft might have played a huge role in the actor developing the disease.

12. Venus Williams

004-12-venus-williams-1040322Venus and Serena Williams are two of the most notable tennis superstars in the world, but Serena has soared a little higher than her sister. That’s because Venus had to pause her career to deal with Sjogren’s Syndrome. With this particular illness, the body’s immune system attacks healthy white blood cells.