Struggling Dad Returns $1,200 That Isn’t His. The Internet Returns The Favor!

5. McAllister Had Something Very Powerful To Say

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After receiving Trusler’s thankful message for returning the money, he responded by asking her to “tell your family and friends that a low income 28-year-old Black man from Tacoma with a 5-year-old daughter returned your money.” He wants to disprove racial stereotypes and prove that not all people from Tacoma are bad.

You won’t believe the response he gets in slide #2!

4. Trusler Wanted To Do Something Special


The 30-year-old sales executive shared McAllister’s heartwarming message on her Facebook page, and the result was astonishing. Everyone was commenting that they wished to send McAllister some money via PayPal for his honesty, and they were requesting his phone number so they could send a donation. Remarkably, McAllister’s good deed began to come full circle!

3. PayPal Donations Began To Flood His Account

Melissa Trusler

Friends and family of Trusler began to send various amounts of money to McAllister’s PayPal, and he was overwhelmed by their generosity. He revealed that something that came along with the cash is even more important than any monetary amount, and slide #1 shows he is more that grateful!

2. He Also Received Encouraging Messages

Melissa Trusler

Most of the PayPal payments McAllister received had a heartwarming message attached, such as calling him a “great guy” or letting him know he was “doing a great job raising his daughter.” McAllister claims many of these messages had him crying at work. These messages mean more than ever to McAllister in the next slide.

1. McAllister Appreciates Every Single Dime

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Although the money will definitely help him with raising his daughter, McAllister is especially moved by the kind words of strangers. He found their heartfelt messages “therapeutic after the loss our family has gone through.”

He hasn’t even checked his PayPal balance since the donations started pouring in because he wants to send a personal thank-you letter to each person. “I don’t want the money to detract from that. I don’t want that to dilute the intent,” he stated.

A standing ovation for this stand-up guy!