Start Loving Yourself with 17 “Love Yourself Quotes”

4- Prisons and Cages
Eyes of Others

Here again is a great love yourself quotes by Virginia Woolf. Don’t just focus on the words but focus on the meaning or the teaching that she is trying to deliver to us.what she is trying to say is that we should break free of these cages and prisons and start respecting ourselves.

5- Aim High
Theme for Life

There is a reason why great people achieve what they achieved and here is another example of that. The great painter Michelangelo warns us that setting a low aim and achieving is no success, but getting higher is.

6- You Can’t Beat Me
Muhammad Ali, The Boxer

People still get shaken up by his name; such was the persona of Muhammad Ali that he made his opponents tremble long before the match began. He had so much confidence in his abilities that no opponent seemed big to him. He had so much self respect for himself that he didn’t even accepted defeat in someone else’s dreams.