Start Loving Yourself with 17 “Love Yourself Quotes”

Do you ever feel that no matter how much or what you do for people, you never get the same in return, not even in courtesy? Don’t you ever get tired of getting constantly disappointed by the people around you? Regardless of how much you shower others with love you always get a cold shoulder from them when your turns come to enjoy other’s love and care. Don’t you ever think that enough is enough, that the time for caring for others has ended? I am sure that you would have at least one time thought of becoming selfish. Don’t you think that that the time is now to see how great people did and read Love Yourself Quotes?  The time to love yourself. Yes, it is! You should throw away the inhibitions, the worries and focus on yours self only. It time that it is you who should become selfish. Its time to love yourself.

To get the most of your life and enjoying it for the way it is, its important that you start loving yourself. Not only it is important for you but its also critical for getting into and maintaining healthy relationships with the ones around you. The true meaning of loving yourself is having self-respect for yourself. It is the only reliable way for creating space for love in your otherwise loveless life. If you want to be loved by others, you must start loving yourself, having respect for yourself as you have for others.

In order for you to understand that how important it is to have self respect, here are a few love yourself quotes from famous people. These people had self-respect for themselves and that is one of the reasons for their success. Try to grasp the true meanings of these love yourself quotes, and try to integrate the teachings into your characters.

1- Eccentric in Opinion
Being Eccentric

The great English writer Bertrand Russell didn’t just suddenly one day become famous or something. He had self-respect for himself and respect for his work as well. His this love yourself quotes is just an example of what we are trying to say here. If a person understands the depth and meaning of these words then he has struck gold.

2- Be the Change That You Want
Theory of Change

The great Mahatma Gandhi was a great source for love yourself quotes and gave valuable teachings. His teachings still inspire millions. Here he is trying to convey the message of self-respect. What he is truly saying here is that a person becomes exactly what he believes himself to be. So the better the image you have of yourself the better a person you are.

3- Be Irreplaceable
Being Irreplaceable

Well everybody knows about the famous fashion brand Chanel and its founder Coco Chanel. Here she highlights the basic requirement for success, denying the existence of anything called failure. When you know that the only way is up then you’ll have no choice but to go up and make more of love yourself quotes.

4- Prisons and Cages
Eyes of Others

Here again is a great love yourself quotes by Virginia Woolf. Don’t just focus on the words but focus on the meaning or the teaching that she is trying to deliver to us.what she is trying to say is that we should break free of these cages and prisons and start respecting ourselves.

5- Aim High
Theme for Life

There is a reason why great people achieve what they achieved and here is another example of that. The great painter Michelangelo warns us that setting a low aim and achieving is no success, but getting higher is.

6- You Can’t Beat Me
Muhammad Ali, The Boxer

People still get shaken up by his name; such was the persona of Muhammad Ali that he made his opponents tremble long before the match began. He had so much confidence in his abilities that no opponent seemed big to him. He had so much self respect for himself that he didn’t even accepted defeat in someone else’s dreams.

7- Ignorance and Confidence
Ignorance & Confidence

The great American writer Mark Twain gives us the perfect recipe for success in this love yourself quotes. Have some ignorance regarding other people’s view of you, have confidence and loads of self respect and voila success is at your feet.

8- Love Thyself
Love Thyself to Succeed

Great writers utter the greatest words. This time its Oscar Wilde with a love yourself quotes. He is telling us that the most beautiful romance a person can have with someone, is himself and that romance will last forever.

9- Confidence is at the Root
Qualities for Life

Marcus Garvey highlights the importance of having self-confidence. If you have that then you have already won. It is just a matter of realization.

10- Optimism is the Faith
Being Blind is No Curse

Helen Keller is a great role model of all of us. Her words are very much inspiring. Although some people would criticize optimism and would favour realism but the truth is all successful people were optimists.

11- Sky is the Limit

Michael Jackson is an example of how you can beat the odds to get what you want. The only thing required is self belief, self respect and self confidence.

12- Face the Sun
Face the Sun

Walt Whitman tell us here in this love yourself quotes that the only thing worth celebrating in life and the only that should be sung to is yourself.

13- Lend Yourself to Others
Approach to Life

Montaigne here gives us a beautiful lesson in a few words. What he says here is that if you have to devote your whole self for a person then that person should be you and nt anybody else.

14- People will Stare
Need to Face the People

Harry Winston in this love yourself quotes says that if people are jealous of you then give them something to make them more jealous. Don’t hold yourself back for the sake of others.

15- Those Who Think
Thinking Change is Success

Steve Jobs has uttered some magical words here. If a person can think, that thinking is the root for the oncoming change, big or small. Thinking therefore, is the starting point.