Sister Serves As Surrogate For Sterile Sibling, Then There’s A MAJOR Twist

It is a terrible tragedy when parents are unable to have kids. Some people may not have any options. Adopting children is a long and arduous process and finding a surrogate to carry a child for nine months can be quite expensive. Some people who would make wonderful parents are unfortunately unable to do so sometimes.

Annie Johnson and her husband Joby are the perfect examples of the perfect parents unable to conceive. After five years of attempting to get pregnant, the couple was beginning to give up. But when Annie’s sister Chrissy offered to be her surrogate, it was just the beginning of a major surprise.

10. A Sister’s Love

Watching her sister struggle with getting pregnant was an extremely difficult period of time for Chrissy, who bore two children of her own. She knew what it was like to raise children and discover the magic of being a parent. She did not want to watch her sister suffer for years to come.