Single Mom Takes Expensive Vacations By Online Dating—Without Sex

Imagine being able to travel the world—jumping from Rome to Paris to Tokyo without ever having to spend a dime of your own money. For one single mom, this dream lifestyle became a reality. Suzanne Thatcher, a mom of five kids, has been able to fly across the globe and stay in luxurious hotels for free.

The only catch? She’s had to travel with strange men who she doesn’t know, as well as men who might have been expecting something other than money (if you know what I mean) in exchange for her expenses-paid travel.

Here are the details of Suzanne’s travel arrangements and what she has to say about it…

10. It Started With A Desire To Escape


Having been through two marriages that both ended in divorce, the Floridian single mother felt like she needed to clear her mind and re-discover herself.

“I’d done some traveling with my girlfriends to Mexico and Puerto Rico when I was younger,” she said, “but with five kids, a job and my husband running his own business at the time, it was difficult to get away as I got older.”

9. All Alone And Nowhere To Go

At 52 years of age, Suzanne found herself without a husband for her to share her days with. With her children at the point where they were graduating high school and leaving home for college, she was in a situation where her nest was about to get a whole lot emptier.

8. No Money, Mo’ Problems?


Although she desperately wanted to do something about her situation, she wasn’t exactly in a financial situation that would allow her to jet set around the world. She said, “I was volunteering full-time in local politics and at an animal shelter and didn’t have the means to do so.”

A lack of money wasn’t enough to stop Suzanne, however. Here’s how she solved her problem…

7. Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way

Miss Travel

It was a stroke of good fortune when one of Suzanne’s friends turned her on to a website that had the potential to solve her travel problem.

“One of my girlfriends mentioned a website called—a site for travel-seeking singles—and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to do some of the things I enjoyed.”

6. What Did Her Family Think?


According to Thatcher, her plan to travel the globe with strange men wasn’t met with the warmest of receptions by her family.

“My kids thought it was crazy and a little bit risky, but I am an adventurous person and I knew that if I was diligent and did it my way, it would be an amazing opportunity,” she said.