Single Dad Launches Modest Weed Business. He’s Now Worth $1.8 Million

Though we associate potheads with dim-witted losers thanks to TV and movies, you would be wrong in assuming that weed is just for laughs. In fact, for years now, it’s becoming glaringly obvious that as weed is legalized in the states, the marijuana business is booming. If you position yourself as a good salesman you can very well make a fortune off of selling cannabis. Now, we’re not talking about a low-level street dealer selling a few ounces for $20 bucks. In this particular case, it was a single dad who saw a real big opportunity to make a profit.

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10. Colorado: The Weed Mecca


Denver is one of the go-to locations to turn a profit from weed after it was legalized in the state of Colorado. Due to the legalization, the marijuana community in Denver is one of the largest to inhabit a state.

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