These Shots Of Famous Politicians Are Just Pure Awkward

Before the internet, there were always embarrassing photos but once they were taken, they were left on the cutting room floor and forgotten about.


Today, there’s not a hope or prayer that if you find yourself disgraced in front of the lens that the world will forget about it anytime soon.

So that’s the position these 12 senior politicians find themselves in every time they see these photos re-appear online. You’ll find examples from all across the world and all political spectra here, too. Click through and see what they would rather you didn’t see.


12. Painful Truth

Sarah Palin, one of America’s most controversial politicians, was probably at the height of honesty when she wore this t-shirt at university. “I may be broke but I’m not flat busted.” There are many Americans today who might welcome Palin being busted, but she leaves that to her son to handle instead.

11. Flying High

We’re going to assume that this shot was taken some time before her failed attempt to run for president. Hilary Clinton looks like she’s ready to float away in this shot taken on a campaign trail jet. Might be the Scotch in her hand, might be she didn’t inhale.

10. Not Grabbing

President Trump is on his best behavior in this picture, showing his warm affection for the beautiful ladies of Hooters without demonstrating his grabbing technique. Both the ladies and we, the general public, are highly grateful for this. He’s “dreamed big” and won the highest office in the land.

9. French Floundering

So here’s the former President of France Nicolas Sarkozy doing his bit to represent his nation in the Ivory Coast in Southern Africa. It must be the first time that a French man has received a lap dance without ordering it. It’s an uncomfortable moment in front of the cameras.

8. Grope A Granny

Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi was the symbol of worldwide hope for peace and unity in Burma until she came to power and continued a mad genocidal rampage on the Rohingya people. However, before that came to pass, she met President Obama who comes across a little bit more passionate than he probably intended to be.