Shocking New Evidence On The Case of The Missing Disney Cruise Employee

Anything stamped with Disney is sure to bring happiness to any person, whether young or old. A young kid or a kid at heart is sure to have a good time when anything Disney is attached to it.


But not this time. Especially for the family of the missing Disney cruise line crew member. They couldn’t believe what happened to their precious daughter who was very cheerful and fit her job description very well.

After all, if you’re working in a happy place then you must be a happy person as well. Nobody works at Disney and not be happy, right?

So what really happened to this Disney cruise line crew member? Was she hiding a secret? We’re just shocked and we’re sure you will be too. Read on to find out. 

12. Bubbly Personality

Rebecca Coriam was a cheerful and optimistic young woman with a desire for making the world smile with her. Her high spirit and intelligence have even got her the perfect job as a youth counselor aboard the Disney Cruise Ship, Wonder.

But in March of 2011, Rebecca received some shocking news over the telephone as Wonder made its way slowly down the Pacific Coast of Mexico. She left the employee lounge and walked out onto the ship’s deck, obviously upset and a bit tense. But no one knew that after that fateful morning, no one would ever see Rebecca again. 

11. Her Life

On March 11, 1987, in Chester, England, Rebecca Coriam was born. Growing up, she was known, to be a brave and even brazen child, who wasn’t afraid take risks and be the center of attention.

Rebecca, or Bex as she was called by her friends and family, lived with her parents, sister Rachael, and two foster brothers. Influenced by her adventurous nature and the fact that her family had been very active in the community, Bex got a job working at the local zoo.

But once she had gotten into her teens, the “adventurous” life of a zookeeper was just not enough for her. So, she joined the British Army cadets and got a staff volunteer position with them where she was able to participate in outdoor events.

In college she attended Plymouth University, studying sports science but continued some additional classes in youth studies at Liverpool Hope University. Once college was done, it was time for her to find a career worthy of her energy.

10. An Opportunity

She went on to London in June 2010, where she heard that the Disney Cruise line was looking for cruise employees. After a tiring process, Bex was hired and sent to Walt Disney World in Florida to start training. Then after completing her training, she went aboard the Disney Wonder cruise ship.

While aboard Wonder, Rebecca was able to visit all Disney ports on the Mexican Riviera and even went through the Panama Canal. But sadly, her grandfather died while she was away and she had to take a break and return to England for the funeral.

Little did her family know, this would be the very last time they will get to see her in person. Although while aboard the ship, they still communicated through Facebook or Skype. Until about six weeks later.

9. Lost at Sea

In was March 21, 2011, Rebecca Coriam sent her parents what would be her very last message to them via facebook saying that she’d call them tomorrow. Her mother replied, but then 12 hours has passed without any response from Rebecca. No calls, no emails, no messages.

Both parents went to bed worried that night. And on the morning of March 22, their phone rang. It was a Disney official calling to tell them that their daughter was missing.

The Disney Wonder had been sailing off the coast of Mexico and was bound for Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas. But it appeared that Rebecca had missed the start of her shift. The crew paged her, checked her room, and then went to check the entire ship. Before long it became very clear that Rebecca was not on the ship. Where was she? Investigators started to look for clues.