She’s Been Calling Her Kidnapper ‘Mom’ For 18 YEARS!

It seems like our iPhones start buzzing because of an Amber Alert every single day! Despite increasing security measures all over the world, children are disappearing at alarming rates. Fortunately, most of the kids who go missing are eventually returned home. Sometimes, though, it takes years for these emotional homecomings to happen!


Keep reading to learn the story of Kamiyah Mobley, a young woman who was kidnapped from a hospital nursery when she was just eight hours old. It took 18 years for police to arrest her abductor! This story has a twist, though — you’ll have to read to the end to find out what it is!


#12 A New Baby

In 1998, the Mobley family of Jacksonville, Florida, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. They named her Kamiyah Mobley and dreamed about the happy future they were going to have together. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worst just eight hours after they delivered their happy and giggly baby.

#11 Gloria Williams

While Kamiyah was resting in the nursery, a woman named Gloria Williams walked through the halls of the hospital, grieving the loss of her child who had just been stillborn. Gloria expected to spend the night in the hospital before heading home in the morning, but when she say Kamiyah she had a new idea.

#10 “A Nurse”

Gloria Williams walked into the hospital nursery, introduced herself as a nurse, and asked if she could check Kamiyah for a fever. Not knowing any different, the nurses happily agreed. She told them she was going to take her child on a walk around the hospital. This was a normal thing to do, so the staff wasn’t concerned.

#9 Bye Bye Baby

Instead of walking around the hospital, Gloria walked straight out the front door. Because she was wearing scrubs, no one stopped her or thought that there was anything fishy about the situation. She had just kidnapped a child, and no one had been there to stop her. It took several more hours before the Mobleys were notified about their missing child…

#8 The Cops Are On It

The President of the hospital came into the Mobley’s room to deliver the bad news. Naturally, he brought a team of police officers and special investigators. He assured them they would find their sweet baby girl. Sadly, no one could imagine how long it would take for Gloria Williams to be caught.