She Married Him?! The Top 18 Ugly Celebrity Spouses

FeaturedMarriedLet’s get real: celebrities are a common feature in many of our fantasies. We imagine serendipitously meeting our favorite stars and falling in love or just enjoying a night together, but then we open our eyes and bring ourselves back to reality.


That’s the sad ending for many fantasies, but some regular, comely looking people have managed to turn a fantasy into a reality by snagging a hot celebrity. Somehow, people that wouldn’t turn a single head while walking down the street have managed to secure relationships with some of the hottest people in the world.

Let’s find out who these lucky “ugly spouses” are. Number 4 will really blow your mind!

#18 Lorde and James Lowe

001--18-lorde-and-james-lowe-250687While Lorde and James Lowe aren’t technically married, they do have a fairly serious long-term relationship that has caught the public’s attention for one main reason: she’s hot, he’s not. The criticism on social media turned pretty ugly when it was revealed that the two were dating, with many calling the 24-year-old photographer “ugly” and some people even making racist comments.

#17 Salma Hayek and François-Henri Pinault

002--17-salma-hayek-and-franc-ois-henri-pina-250788Something just doesn’t make sense when you look at Salma Hayek and François-Henri Pinault. Perhaps his vast wealth in the billions of dollars has something to do with it, or maybe personality really does trump all. Based off looks, though, these two couldn’t be farther apart. It’s worth mentioning that Pinault had a relationship and a child with another woman way out of his league, model Linda Evangelista.

#16 Isla Fisher And Sacha Baron Cohen

003--16-isla-fisher-and-sacha-baron-cohen-251111They say a good sense of humor is one of the most attractive qualities, and that regularly being able to make a girl laugh is the way to her heart. That’s clearly the case with Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen because just from looking at them, Fisher is way out of his league. Cohen does have his height going for him as he’s way taller than Fisher, so maybe she has a thing for tall guys.

#15 Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shaye Smith

Screenshot - 10_10_2016 , 9_11_39 p_mThis one really blows the mind. Not only did Pierce Brosnan play the most dangerous and sexy man in the world, James Bond, he’s only gotten more distinguished as he’s aged. Unfortunately, Keely Shaye Smith has had struggles with her weight in recent years. At one point, the scales didn’t tip so heavily in favour of Brosnan being the hot one, but it’s just a fact now.

#14 Elizabeth Banks and Max Handelman

005--14-elizabeth-banks-and-max-handelman-81116a40fa485356549b2bcbe70bf294We’re guessing in the case of Elizabeth Banks and Max Handelman that Banks simply wasn’t aware of how good looking she was when she married Handelman. They met while the two were in college, so Handelman was wise to lock down this beauty before she realized her full potential.  They have two children together and have been an item for 10+ years.