Sexy Celebs Reveal Their Favorite Cheat Day Foods

Celebrities – they’re just like us sometimes. When it comes to food, everyone has that one thing they just can’t help but reach for seconds of, even the rich and famous.

It turns out that underneath the designer clothes and glamor, sometimes celebrities just want to indulge in something they shouldn’t. Something greasy, or sweet, or just filled with carbs. The good stuff.

From models to actresses and even royalty, these 12 celebrities reveal their surprising favorite go-to guilty pleasures, proving the importance of everything in moderation and not cutting out every favorite food forever when dieting.



12. Cameron Diaz: Garlic

Careful next time you are leaning in to kiss Cameron Diaz, she may need a mint! The actress revealed she loves garlic on anything, especially when there are olive oil and lemon involved.

It may be simple, but when asked what her favorite foods were she responded, “Anything with garlic, oil and lemon flavors. Simple Italian/Mediterranean flavors.”