Sex Therapists Say These “Performance Problems” Are Actually Super Common

Sex is everywhere. It’s on our television ads, our favorite shows, and ever so present in our social media feeds. Although two people (or more, if that’s your thing) getting it on seems pretty straightforward, there is a lot more to sex than what meets the eye.

Sex therapists have pinpointed some of the most common problems couples experience, so if you have any doubts about your bedroom game, maybe you’re not alone.

Oh, and every couple can work on slide #7!

10. Sex Can Be Super Complicated

It’s human nature to want to be close with your partner, but what if something just doesn’t seem right? Problems in the bedroom are more common that you think.

Some of the most prevalent sex problems you may experience with your partner can be solved with a little time and communication, and slide #6 can seems to be a reoccurring issue for working couples!