See How Much Jennifer Lawrence Has Changed In 18 Years

FeatuedJenniferLJennifer Lawrence is an Oscar-winning actress from Louisville Kentucky. She started in a small role on television but has worked her way into films where she’shad the opportunity to work with and mingle with countless other rich and famous people. It was even reported that she has become the highest paid actress of the year. It must be nice to be able to play the roles she does while maintaining the success that she has! She’s become a loveable icon to many people who enjoy her films and enjoy her in general. She’s definitely had a big transformation since she originally started her career. Click through to see just how much she’s changed!

#18 Just Getting Started On Bill Engvall

001--18-just-getting-started-on-bill-engvall-325959Jennifer Lawrence first got her start on “The Bill Engvall Show.” There she just played another typical teen. In this photo, you can see that she looks rather average compared to the beautiful actress we know her has today. But this is just her start, you won’t believe how far she has really come.

#17 Keeping It Classic At A TNT Party

002--17-keeping-it-classic-at-a-tnt-party-326413This photo of Jennifer was taken while she was attending a TNT party for one of their events. Already you can start to see how she’s growing from a teenager on television to a woman on film. She’s growing out her hair and seems to be losing the chunky highlight and over bronzed look.

#16 Rocking A Flower Crown

003--16-rocking-a-flower-crown-326013Jennifer hasn’t quite outgrown the teenage look just yet, however. Here she is seen still wearing a flower crown, something that you mainly see teens wearing throughout the summer. She is still just a young girl, and as someone who wants to remain in the limelight, it’s important to follow trends.

#15 Hollywood Awards Gala

004--15-hollywood-awards-gala-326032Here you can see how quickly she was able to grow out of that old style. She has long, voluminous hair for the Hollywood Awards Gala. It was important for Jennifer to transition out of TV and find her place in the world of critically acclaimed films. In order to do this, she needed to start taking her style more seriously…

#14 Palm Springs International Film Festival

005--14-palm-springs-international-film-fest-326051For the Palm Springs International Film Festival, you can see that Jennifer had decided to go for a more sleek and styled look, rather than the bouncy sexiness of her previous styles. She still isn’t afraid to show off a bold pattern on her tight fitting shirt dress, however.