See This Cat Step Up And Be A Dad, It’s Amazing To Watch

Parenting is important, right? Without love, support, and guidance, children rarely turn out the way that we’d hope. Strangely, while you might not believe this – it’s also true in the animal kingdom.

Babies need their parents no matter what species they are and this story is quite incredible. You see when it comes to child-rearing, the vast majority of species out there tend to leave that up to the mother and the father is never to be seen.

In this instance, we’ve found a feline dad who’s willing to break the mold and stand up for his family and it’s absolutely heartwarming. Check it out with us now!

10. The Good News

Thuy Duong is a Vietnamese immigrant to America and she loves her cats. So when she realized that her cat was going to go into labor, she was quick to be there for her. Yet, when she arrived, she found that the new mom had all the support she needed right by her side.