Scary Photos That May Leave You Second-Guessing An Exotic Vacation

Most people love to take the occasional vacation and go on an adventure, while others are complete travel junkies and can’t get enough exploration. No matter what, this roundup certainly isn’t for the weakhearted. If you can’t handle spiders, you’ll want to skip the very last photo, and if you’ve got a fear of heights, well… this entire set of photos just might not be right for you. There are a couple of funny photos sprinkled in between for good measure, though.

Read on for a collection of photos documenting travels and trips gone awry.

12. Under An Elephant

A pair of tourists were enjoying a South African safari when they encountered a super frisky bull elephant. The elephant used their vehicle as a sort of scratching post, damaging the car’s roof, windows, chassis, and tires. The tourists were unharmed and left with a really crazy travel story.

11. Plain Bad Luck

This skier hit a patch of bad luck before even making it onto the slopes in the mountains of Vail, Colorado. He dangled from the chairlift for ten minutes—with his pants down, too—while he waited for rescuers to trek their way through the snow and set him free.

10. Cliffhanger

This truck encountered a dangerously close call when it nearly ran off this narrow road in Bolivia. It’s among the most dangerous roads in the world and it’s aptly named the “Road of Death.” So, uh, maybe just skip this one on your next trip to South America?

9. A Watery Campsite

Here’s a shot from a music festival in Scotland that’s been held annually since 1994. It’s a three-day event that attracts up to 255,000 people and 77,000 campers. You can imagine the trouble they encounter when severe weather rolls in—just imagine trucking through all that water with a shopping cart.

8. Clingy

This guy emerged from the water only to find an eight-legged creature suction cupped to his back. That’s right, an octopus—and it’s not even close to the first time this has happened. There’s cause for alarm, too, because almost all of these creatures have a venomous bite.