Savvy Shopping: 12 Things you should always get from the Dollar Store!


4- Socks



Whether for the gym or daily wear, ultra-soft socks seem to be a big thing lately and dollar stores have them in a rainbow of colors and in all sizes. Just evaluate them as you would on any other clothing item. Most of them are warm and comfortable to wear and have good quality. For just $1 a pair, it is a great deal considering how quickly your socks wear out or get lost. Savvy Shopping continues on the next page!

5- Greeting cards


Greeting Cards

Dollar store offers a wide variety of greeting cards that covers up just about every major occasion. And for a dollar, you can buy two greeting cards already! Imagine that, you can save $2 to $4 per greeting card. These cards may not have any glitter or audio, but as long as your message comes from the heart, it shouldn’t matter.

6- Gift Bags and Gift Wraps


Wrapping Sheets

It is outrageous how much the gift wraps cost now. You’ll spend about $5 on a roll of paper that will only be ripped off after. Good thing, dollar stores have really nicely decorated bags and gift wraps for all occasions. You’ll save money in this Savvy Shopping plus it’s not that painful to see your $5 wrapper get annihilated. Go to next page for more tips on Savvy Shopping.