Russian Gas Burner Game Is Horrifying, But How Widespread Is It?

What Russian Investigators Discovered

Sofia’s story enraged many Russian parents, and inspired Russian investigators into action. Frighteningly, once these investigators started digging deeper into the meme’s history, they discovered the search term “how to become a fairy” has earned hits in the thousands since this meme hit viral status, demonstrating that the meme’s popularity continues to grow.

Winx Characters In The Mix

Another frightening aspect behind the Russian fairy game meme is the way it is presented. The meme demonstrates decorations that include fairy characters from the popular children’s show Winx, making it not only seem harmless and fun, but providing further motivation for children to actually want to turn into fairies.

A Russian Family’s Near Brush With Death

Recently, another Russian family shared their story with others, recalling a frightening night where the meme’s influence over their daughter almost killed the entire family.

“I woke up in the night and felt the strong smell of gas. My daughter, seven, had just left the kitchen and went to her room,” one parent said.

A Lucky Break

The family continued: “It turned out that she had read on the internet that to become the fairy of fire, you need to go to the kitchen when everyone is asleep and switch on the gas oven. “If I had not gone to check, our family of eight would not wake up in the morning.”

Russian Investigators Act

Stories like this have many Russian families in a panic about the meme. The concern voiced by many Russian parents has motivated Russian investigators into action by spreading the word about the potentially deadly fairy game meme. Russian investigators have issued several warnings to parents about the meme, making it clear that the game is deadly, and that children should have their Internet usage monitored at all times by their parents.