Ridiculous Movie Mistakes You Probably Missed

Movies are one of the favorite past times nowadays. Who doesn’t love a good blockbuster, right? Not to mention the special effects are just mind blowing. But no matter how perfect any movie would seem virtually any of it, even a great one, can fall short and make errors and factual mistakes. In most cases, these mistakes go unnoticed by the public. But some are so painfully obvious and downright ridiculous it’s just a miracle these errors survived the editing process. Are you a nerd? Then put it to the test by checking these movie errors out.

12. Star Wars

star wars

You love or hate this movie. The Star Wars franchise is one of the most successful movies of all time given that each installment was filmed in different periods. Starting from the 70s up to the new millennium. The movie is elaborate and very grand. From the set, costumes, down the props everything looked perfect. Or does it? In this photo, a Startrooper accidentally bumped his head while exiting. Pretty funny as these creatures looked like they have no sense of humor.