10 Celebrities Redefining Love By Practicing Open Relationships

Ever wondered about “open relationships” and how they could possibly work? Those of us who skim through glossy mags and love people-watching are probably intrigued by the seeming ease with which the eternal dance of love plays out under the spotlights. Dr David Barash, PhD, author of The Myth of Monogamy and professor of psychology at the U of Washington opines that there are a wide variety of open relationships and they can vary drastically from couple to couple. Do celebs go for it because they have the opportunity, or do these relationships thrive in suburbia too? Think about it and let us know!

Meanwhile, take a look how the glam brigade does it:

1. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie


Brangelina got together in 2005, and now ten years, six kids, elective surgeries and one wedding later, the power couple’s mantra of “fidelity by choice” seems to be working just fine. Though Angelina says that she doubts fidelity is absolutely essential for a relationship, and that they are not chained together, nor do they hold each other’s back, Hollywood’s favorite power couple’s certainly doing something right to keep this enduring, open yet secure relationship thriving, alive, fun, warm and nurturing!