10 Celebrities Redefining Love By Practicing Open Relationships

Ever wondered about “open relationships” and how they could possibly work? Those of us who skim through glossy mags and love people-watching are probably intrigued by the seeming ease with which the eternal dance of love plays out under the spotlights. Dr David Barash, PhD, author of The Myth of Monogamy and professor of psychology at the U of Washington opines that there are a wide variety of open relationships and they can vary drastically from couple to couple. Do celebs go for it because they have the opportunity, or do these relationships thrive in suburbia too? Think about it and let us know!

Meanwhile, take a look how the glam brigade does it:

1. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie



Brangelina got together in 2005, and now ten years, six kids, elective surgeries and one wedding later, the power couple’s mantra of “fidelity by choice” seems to be working just fine. Though Angelina says that she doubts fidelity is absolutely essential for a relationship, and that they are not chained together, nor do they hold each other’s back, Hollywood’s favorite power couple’s certainly doing something right to keep this enduring, open yet secure relationship thriving, alive, fun, warm and nurturing!

2. Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcherashton_kutcher_and_demi_moore-together

All’s not eternally hunky-dory in open relationships. Demi and Ashton’s eight-year marriage was reportedly quite colorful, with Demi alleged to have been a bi-sexual (though nothing’s been confirmed) who invited PYTs to share the relationship quite often. But when Ashton took up with Brittney Jones, it was curtains for the marriage. Obviously, there are rules for open relationships – physical, emotional and parameters that both partners set for themselves and each other – and clearly some boundaries were crossed here.

3. Newt Gingrich


What about open relationships in which just one partner knows that it’s open? Strange, but true! Newt Gingrich’s ex-wife reveals that he wanted an open marriage, while he says he was merely “unfaithful.” All of which makes for juicy political scandal but points to the weird logic that adultery is preferable to open-ness! Do couples need to talk about the nature of their relationship and their expectations? How about a physical or emotional relationship contract? Share your thoughts with us.

4. Jay-Z and Beyonce


“Polyamory” is the technical word for it when the couple practices, desires and accepts other intimate relationships with each other’s full knowledge and consent. Is there room for jealousy, lies and heartbreak in open relationships? Seems contradictory! The power-couple seemed to be enjoying the open-ness so far, but Jay-Z’s alleged romp with Rihanna and others hasn’t brought indulgent smiles to Beyonce’s face. Judging by what Jay-Z and Beyonce are reportedly going through, there’s a pile of pain in their symphony.

5. Hugh Hefner & Crystal Harris

Crystal Harris

Skimming 86 and having the time of his life by all available reports, Hugh Hefner seems to have sewn it up and then some! This is indeed text-book open-ness – a bevy of beauties at any given time, all of them looking pleased as Punch about it, with the occasional interesting side-bars and detours, this Playboy appears to have brought light and cheer into several lives simultaneously. Looks like he has it all – including the money to fund a luxe life-style.