Real Bearded Lady Refuses To Shave, Boyfriend Seems Cool With It

5. Face The Truth

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Alma Torres was through with obsessing over her facial hair, so she stopped. One sunny August day, she decided to just leave her slight chin stubble. One day soon turned into one week, which quickly became many months. Alma’s beard grew in quite naturally, looking just like any new beard you might expect to see on any young man.

4. Unapologetically Alma

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Alma continued about her life as normal, just with a little extra fuzz around the chin. She shamelessly contoured her eyebrows and blended her makeup any time she felt like it, paying no mind to the stares the contrast in her features might earn her in public. She even posted selfies flaunting her new look.

3. Haters Be Gone


Not everyone reacted to the spunky New Yorker’s unconventional appearance with words of kindness and support, however. “I have been called ugly, others have said I should kill myself. People have told me to go wax my ugly face and some have even called me ‘cancer,'” Alma revealed about the backlash she has received online.

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2. Body Positive, Bearded, But Never Bothered

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Alma Torres never takes people’s attacks personally, however. While many express deep resentments for her unapologetic happiness with her unconventional looks, she instead chooses to focus on those who may see her in a more positive light. “I feel more confident with the beard and I want to encourage other women with PCOS to feel the same,” the bold photographer has said.

Want to know if her boyfriend feels the same way? His response will warm your heart.

1. Support Along The Way

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Alma isn’t the only person in her inner circle who remains unphased by the negative response to her going natural. Her adoring live-in boyfriend, Taylor, sees just as much beauty in her as she does in herself. “Her beard doesn’t define her. Hair doesn’t have anything to do with how a person feels and should never be able to change that,” Taylor said.