Rabbi Bought A $150 Desk On Craigslist, What Was Inside Made World News

There are always risk factors to consider when making purchases on Craigslist. You have to trust that the stranger you’re dealing with isn’t being deceitful concerning the quality of your purchase and sometimes even the origin of the item. You also have to trust that you’re going to get your money’s worth. As you drive to go pick up your purchase, you hope there are no surprises. When Rabbi Noach Muroff made his purchase back in September of 2013, he had no clue there was something hidden inside that would eventually make national and international news. Click through to read his amazing story!

Who Is Noach Muraff?

Noach Muraff is a Jewish man originally from Ottawa, Canada. He moved to New Haven, Connecticut back in 2008 to attend a yeshiva (a private Jewish University) where he submitted himself to the process of becoming a rabbi. Five years later, right after graduating, he was setting up his home study when he realized he desperately needed a desk for his work space. Since his Jewish culture teaches him to be frugal, he turned to Craigslist.

That’s When He Found It

After weeks of refreshing the desk listings on Craigslist, Muroff finally found the one he’d been waiting for. The seller was asking for $150. Muroff and his wife talked it over and decided it was a reasonable price for the quality of the desk, so they made the call.

There Was A Problem With The Desk

Muroff and a friend went to retrieve the desk. They had no problem getting it home, but when they tried to carry it into his study, they realized it was not going to fit through the door. “It missed being able to pass through the door by a quarter of an inch. It was so frustrating!” said Muroff. First they tried to remove the door, but that failed so they disassembled the desk. What they found after disassembling it left them speechless!

They Found It In A Plastic Bag

When Muroff began removing the drawers, he discovered something had fallen behind them. It was a plastic shopping bag. “I could see through the bag right away. It looked like $100 bill,” he told CNN. But when Muroff picked up the bag, he saw that it was much, much more.

Look At All That Cash!

“We opened up the bag and it was full of cash!” said Muroff. He and his wife counted up the money and couldn’t believe when their total came to $98,000! The shock of such a discovery settled, and one question surfaced, “what should be done with the money?” Legally, the cash became Muroff’s as soon as he purchased the desk, but for Muroff and his wife, it wasn’t that easy. They knew what their next step needed to be.