Quick-Thinking Cop Joins Lonely Dog In Saving A Woman’s Life

fotorcreatedThey say that a dog is man’s best friend. It’s certainly true that there’s no other animal with a longer history of domestication providing human companionship.


For the most part, dogs provide love and entertainment when they are kept as pets but every now and again a dog will do something so out of the ordinary that we might wonder if they aren’t just a little bit human themselves.

This amazing dog went over and above being someone’s best friend. In fact, you won’t believe what John Boy did for his owner one Winter.

12. From Humble Beginnings

001-12-from-humble-beginnings-896034John Boy had an unfortunate start in life. He was abandoned at an animal shelter, as are more than 7 million dogs each year in the USA, and despite being adopted, he was returned three times before finding a forever home with his fourth owner. He would repay that gift of love handsomely.

11. Walking Alone

002-11-walking-alone-896093Officer Jeff Gonzalez of Germantown, Wisconsin spotted John Boy pacing the streets of Germantown one winter morning. He was confused as to why the dog, which he knew, would be all alone in the road rather than at home with his owner. He called the dog over and what happened next was incredible.

10. Stop And Go!

003-10-stop-and-go-896095Officer Gonzalez got out of his patrol car to greet the dog which wandered close enough to be petted and then promptly ran away as though he wanted the policeman to follow him. His curiosity was aroused for some reason and he decided to chase the dog for a little bit.

9. John’s Home

004-9-john-s-home-896100The officer approached John’s home carefully. He picked his way through the snow and wondered what the dog was trying to tell him. While they may teach you many things in the police academy, reading canine body language isn’t one of them. So he wasn’t prepared for what he found at all.