Python Eats Porcupine And Regrets It Later

Pythons are giant snakes that people and even animals avoid. They are predators that kill their prey by suffocating them and eating them whole. Now you know why they’re avoided.


But this python wasn’t so lucky because he chose the wrong prey. Who eats a porcupine whole and lives to tell the tale? Not even this python lived to tell the tale. But a passing cyclist snapped a photo of a massive and bloated python that quickly got the attention of the people.

Nobody knew what it ate, but its massive size was so appealing that people flocked to see the creature. But what happened to the python? Read on to find out.

12. Glutton

The rock python large, nonvenomous snake. It is Africa’s largest snake and one of the six largest snake species in the world. So you bet these reptiles can whip up an appetite. Just like this rock python spotted by a cyclist.

It was so engorged nearly to the point of immobility. We all know that snakes swallow their prey whole. But it’s not everyday you see an engorged python. So when photographer passing by saw the reptile, he got closer to investigate and what he found was beyond bizarre.

11. South Africa

South Africa is home to some of the largest pythons in the world. And this particular species was especially large, even by typical Python standards. As if it weren’t big enough, it was engorged in the middle by some huge prey animal. Obviously, the python had a large meal.

Lake Eland is located at the southeastern tip of South Africa. It is owned by Eric and Trevor Dunstone, two brothers. It’s filled with bushveld, coastal forest, grasslands, and wetland ecosystems.

The name Lake Eland was chosen in honor of the numerous antelope running around the reserve and, of course, large pythons.South Africa is home to a subspecies of python called African rock pythons. They are large, nonvenomous snakes feared by a lot of people especially the locals.

10. Rock Python

By African rock python standards, this one is enormous! And really by anyone else’s standards as well. So you know why this giant is feared.

Rock pythons are rumored to grow up to twenty feet long. Although such huge animals have never been scientifically confirmed. They max out at around sixteen feet. They can also live up to twenty-five years. Even so, it’s unbelievable how wide the python can expand when eating a large prey. That’s one fat snake! We’re sure you’ll freak out or be amazed as well when you see one in person.

9. Big Bulge

When you see a python this huge and bulky, it’s hard not to jump to the conclusion that it swallowed a person. But thankfully, that wasn’t the case. We know it’s a huge animal, we’re just not sure what kind.

Some guessed that it had swallowed a young impala (the animal, not the car). Others thought it could have been a warthog. When I first saw these images, the best thing I could come up with was a baby deer. We were all wrong, very wrong. It was something no one would have guessed.