This Pup Discovers An Unexpected Underwater Pal: The Photos Are Too Cute!

Dogs have always been man’s closest companion. They are loving, loyal, and they never leave their owner’s side — no matter what. Most of us can literally take our dogs anywhere, on any adventure. Who wouldn’t want their best friend along for the ride? This dog got a new lease on life, which included riding the waves of the Caribbean and taking in the mesmerizing views. What makes this pup’s life even more awesome is the unlikely ocean friends she made along the way, and this dog isn’t afraid to get up close and personal. Slide #1 is just too breathtaking, your heart will literally melt!



10. Where Would The World Be Without Dogs

Having a dog will change your life. The companionship is unlike anything else, and the unconditional love they have for their owners is inspiring — something we humans can learn a lesson from. There is always a dog waiting to be adopted into a loving home, and many times that new family can change a pup’s entire world. Not to mention, change the new owner’s entire outlook on life.

9. Dogs Are Always Down For An Adventure

Dogs are known to be curious, and you are always in for a treat when bringing them along for whatever journey lay ahead. Natural daredevils, dogs sometimes stick their nose in some trouble, but sometimes it ends up being seriously sweet. The dog on the next slide got to join on the ride of a lifetime, but she had no idea what was in store.

8. Sandy Was Ready To Set Sail

Sandy was a stray dog, but once she was adopted by the pals of adventurer and “Dolphin Whisperer” Joe Noonan, she was bound to have her day in the sun. Noonan really enjoyed the company of his friends’ dog Sandy, so he decided to bring her along on one of his boat tours of the Caribbean. Noonan had never a dog on one of his tours, and this was sure to be a trip he would never forget.

7. Something Caught This Curious Canine’s Eye

This was Sandy’s first time out on a boat, so she had no idea what to expect. This pup was living the dream. Excited and curious, something caught her eye out in the distance. Sandy was so enthralled she couldn’t contain herself. Slide #3 proves that curiosity got the best of her, and it’s just too cute!

6. This Puppy Of The Caribbean Was Ready To Check It Out

Sandy began to wag her tail in excitement and pace from the front to the back of the boat. She had to figure out what this strange thing was that she had spotted in the water. What better way to find out then to go see for herself? The next slide proves Sandy was ready to dive in headfirst to discover what was waiting for her in the water.