18 Proofs that Cats are Liquid

There is a lot of myth going around about cats. Many people say that cats have nine lives. There are others who believe that seeing a black cat at night is a bad omen. Others claim that an old woman living with cats stinks. Well, that last one is not an omen rather it is a judgmental opinion of my neighbor. What I am going to prove to you today though is a scientific truth. If for so long you have believed that cats are mammals, therefore have actual form and mass, you are gravely mistaken-cat is LIQUID. You do not agree with me? Let me give you some proof.

1 – Cat in an oval vase.


As you will notice in this picture, very evidently the cat take the form of the vase. No other explanation than the cat being liquid can explain that. I dare you, if you put some flower in that vase it will stand and bloom in hours.