Proof That Marilyn Monroe Looked Flawless Every Year Of Her Life

Marilyn Monroe is one of the most iconic people to have ever walked the earth. The actress passed away from a drug overdose at the young age of 36, but there’s no doubt that she would have continued to stun the masses with her talent and beauty if she’d stuck around a little longer. Luckily, we have plenty of photos to remember her by.


Here are 12 different photos from different years of Marilyn’s life that prove that she was flawless through all of it, starting off from her childhood when she still went by the name of Norma Jeane.

12. Young Norma Jeane

Marilyn Monroe was born Norma Jeane Mortenson on August 5th, 1962. Her mother was a woman named Gladys Pearl Baker, and it’s actually unknown who her father was due to the fact that the couple separated before Norma was born. But things were not great at home for Marilyn and Norma.

11. Marilyn Had A Rough Childhood

Although Marilyn was born into a single parent household, she was actually put into foster care since her mother suffered from mental instability. When Gladys was institutionalized, Marilyn grew up in an orphanage and had eleven different sets of foster parents throughout the years. It’s hard to imagine that the future star had much stability in that sort of childhood environment.

10. Her Interest In Acting Came Early

Marilyn has said that she first considered becoming an actress at the age of five. In an interview with Life magazine she once said that “When I was five I think, that’s when I started wanting to be an actress. I loved to play. I didn’t like the world around me because it was kind of grim, but I loved to play house…”

9. Marilyn’s School Career Was Brief

In middle school Marilyn attended Emerson Junior High School. She wasn’t said to be the best student around, but she was a good writer and wrote for the school’s newspaper. After middle school she started to going to Van Nuys High School, but her high school career didn’t last long before she had to drop out.