Prime Pictures Of Iconic US Presidents When They Were Young Men

We tend to hold those in power on a pedestal of sorts. Still, presidents are normal people just like the rest of us. Sure, they may hold the most powerful position in the world but at one point, they were playing baseball or skipping rocks. So what did these presidents looks like in their younger years? That’s a great question. Let the next ten slides serve as an answer.

Slide number eight will make you wonder why modern presidents are such babies.

10. They Don’t Make Them Like They Used To


While today’s presidents were just rich, spoiled businessmen in their youth, presidents of the past were way more bad a**. Take Theodore Roosevelt for example. Upon losing both his wife and mother within mere hours of each other, Roosevelt headed out to the frontier to hunt grizzly bears and chase outlaws. On top of it all, the man had asthma.

9. Always Trust A Man With A Beard


Abraham “Honest Abe” Lincoln was most famous for his beard, but he wasn’t always the illustrious figure we see on the five dollar bill. In his youth, Lincoln looked more like a strung-out hipster than a future president. Perhaps all those days working on the riverboat started to take a toll on the kid.

8. A Legend From Birth To Death


John F. Kennedy will always be remembered for his tragic assassination, but this picture tells a different story. A story of a World War II war hero who carried a severely burned crew member through the water with the high life jacket clenched between his teeth. Did we mention this was a three-mile swim?

Not all presidents are as tough as JFK, though. The president on number six had a much more “artistic” side to him than anyone thought.

7. The “OG” President


You won’t find that stuffy, white-haired dollar bill guy here. No, George Washington (better known as G-Dub), was a bonified bad guy before his days in the White House. His heroic revolutionary tales are no mystery to Americans, so take some time to appreciate this photo of a beloved icon.

6. Was This The First Gay President?


Not much is known about Chester A. Arthur, but we do know he was an activist for equality. As a lawyer, he won numerous civil rights cases. Despite his butt-kicking persona in the courtroom, Arthur was often called a “dandy” for his extravagant taste in colorful clothes. Is there something Chester A. Arthur was hiding?

We may never find out, but we definitely know Arthur wouldn’t get along with the mad man on slide number three. Read on to see why.