Police Dog Is Gunned Down On Duty – His Partner’s Response Is Amazing

You probably don’t give much thought to police dogs in your day-to-day life. We all know that they’re there, but many of us don’t really know how dangerous it can be for a police dog when they’re defending the public.

This incredible story of Bruno the police dog will amaze you. It’s a tale of incredible heroism, certain heartbreak and a heroic and happy ending for both Bruno and his human partner R.J. Young.

So let’s take a moment to acknowledge the incredible sacrifices of the police dogs that help keep our cities safe.

10. K9

The United States uses K9 (named after the genetic family of dogs canine) units throughout the nation. They operate at every level of policing including the federal, state, county and local levels.

They are used mainly for the sense of smell and assistance in drugs and explosive detection. However, they may also be used to apprehend perpetrators of crime.

9. Bruno

Bruno is R.J. Young’s canine partner. Every police dog is paired with a specialist handler. This allows the two to form a useful bond that enables communication between the officer and the dog. Bruno had been on the police force for nearly 6 years when the events took place.

8. Injured

R.J. Young’s team were working to bring down a suspect and there were weapons fired. Bruno was supposed to drag a suspect to the floor and prevent him from fleeing but instead, Bruno was tragically shot by the perpetrator. Nobody there knew if he would live or die.

7. That Bond

R.J. Young told Good Morning America that “it kills me” to see Bruno in distress and that the events of the day had left him incredibly disturbed. He said that when he saw Bruno had been shot “my entire world came crumbling down in the matter of a second.”

6. Hero Dog

Bruno, who is – like most police dogs – a German shepherd, didn’t make a fuss over his injuries. In fact, he returned to R.J. Young and didn’t make a sound even though by this time he was bleeding from the gunshot wounds. It’s more than anyone could expect from a police dog.