Photos That You Really Need To Look At TWICE To Understand

19. Optical Illusion: Size Matters



So here’s the rub: the dot at the centre of each of these sets is exactly the same size as the other. The surrounding circles play a trick on our minds, tripping up the part of our vision that grasps relativity.

20. Is That A Face?


This one may take a second to come into view, but that’s okay. It’s why these photos must be looked at twice to truly get a handle on! The scene of a rainy Paris, viewed beneath the arch of the Eiffel Tower, slowly transforms into a beguiling face.

21. Couple Leg Swap


We love pictures of couples, where the bodies seem to swap parts at will. In this one, taken at a bright and balmy West Coast park, the woman at left appears to have some seriously hairy legs and absolutely no pants on. Thankfully for her, it’s the man just being generous with his appendages.

22. Couple Head Swap


When a young lady was leaning over her boyfriend for an embrace, the angle struck just right for a perfect optical head swap. While he’s concentrating deeply in his magazine, she’s hugging his shoulders, but something about the arms obscures what’s happening. We dig it.

23. Couple Head Swap, Part Deux


Aren’t these just the best? The seeming ease with which this happens frankly baffles us. Why haven’t we been in an accidental head swap before? And seriously, this one really tripped us up at first, and gave us a clue: it’s all about the head tilt!

24- A Boy With Girlish Legs
Funny photos
Funny photos

It is actually the position of the couple that makes you think the guy has girlish legs. Look carefully and you will decipher the photo correctly. Hint :- He’s wearing white socks,