Photographer Grabs Freaky Pictures Of Ghost Floating Overhead, We Investigate!

For those excited about the opportunity of being visited by demonic wraiths…well…you’re crazy, but you may also get your wish. It seems that Zambia may have witnessed the beginning of the invasion when a scout wraith was seen in their skies just last month! Exciting or terrifying? I’m not exactly sure how to react!

Once you see slide 9, you will be certain that this event could possibly change human history as you know it. However, slide 7 will reveal something huge you may not be expecting. Read on about our possible visitors in the sky.

10. What In The Devil Is That!?

Perhaps there really is something to the rumors! This picture is utterly terrifying! Could there have really been a wraith-like figure over the skies of Zambia?!  I’d immediately run and hide if that was in the clouds while I was driving. I’ve seen the original Independence Day far too many times.