Perfectly Timed Photos You’d Struggle to Believe Are Real

16- Force Powers Activate


Leaping into the fray with a giant soap bubble, this child demonstrates her apparent force powers by bursting a wave from her outstretched hand.

17- Leaning Pool Entry

We got an especially good chuckle out of this one. While the tanned dude in the foreground makes sure not to smile too much, we see a lady in white apparently standing diagonally over the pool. This is the calm before the storm.

18- Cool Haircut

Sometimes the perfect timing means adding confusion, not clarity. Here we have a boy whose buzz cut seems to have sprouted a ponytail.

19- Ride The Lightning

It’s not only Thor who can wield lightning with his trusty hammer, Molnir. Apparently, Lady Liberty is a fan of storm control, too!

20- Face Pole

There’s not much that can be said about this unfortunately and perfectly timed image. While our tourist clad in Canadian Tuxedo stands at left, a commuter absolutely nails a light pole to his right.

21- Glass Lake
Touching Water

While we’ve already seen a dog run on water, this striking shot shows us a man doing apparent hand-stands on a lake. The glass-flat body of water makes for a perfect reflection, milliseconds before a dive.

22- Cloudy With A Chance Of Gas

The angle was right and the posture helped it along: we’ve got a man farting out cumulonimbus clouds into the atmosphere.

23- Meat Head

We’re pretty sure that this isn’t what’s meant by the term “meat head,” but we’ll give it a pass. Somehow this man’s entire face has been replaced by a tasty looking sausage.

24- Low Blow

Dogs are usually big fans of frisbees and thrown objects of any sort. However, this little bull dog looks like he’s done for the day after a disc nailed his nether regions.

25- Bird’s Eye View

In a fascinating stroke of luck, this pet parrot was still for one crucial second, allowing his owner to appear to be looking right through the bird. When eyes of different sizes line up perfectly like this, you know it’s been a good day.

26- Centaur Bride

With perfect timing and a little help from a billowy wedding dress, this groom is suddenly married to a mythical creature.

27- Smiling Cat

Who says that cats are evil? This little guy found something special in the window, with a child’s reflection providing the smile for a perfectly timed photo.

28- Magic Carpet Ride

Sometimes it’s about more than the timing. With this image, we see how a strategically place shadow makes a world of difference, with the speaking woman appearing to float high above the sand.

29- Pegasus Arise

Speaking of mythical creatures, one intrepid photographer was able to capture one when a massive goose leapt behind his cattle and spread his wings for takeoff.

30- Aquatic Attraction

While house cats usually shun water, their larger wild cousins are big fans of the wet stuff. In a flash, this tiger shook nearly every drip from his fur as the photographer captured it all mid-air.