Perfectly Timed Photos You’d Struggle to Believe Are Real

In our modern world, photography is more ubiquitous than it has ever been. No matter where you go, you’re surrounded by cameras. Whether on cell phones, tablets, computers, CCTV, or even good old fashioned video cameras, there’s a chance that this very moment is being captured.

While we worry about overstuffing our Facebook pages and even legitimate privacy concerns, the biggest and most obvious affect this overabundance of cameras has had on the world is that we can and will capture nearly every interesting activity or event that occurs. No action, however small, can escape the gaze of the lens.

This brings us to today’s topic: perfectly timed photos. When cameras are trained in every direction in every moment, the odds of capturing something just right are always increasing. The massive collection of photos we’ve shared below prove this beyond a doubt. These are some of the most hilariously, touchingly, and surprisingly perfectly captured photos of all time.

1- Caught By Buddha


A tourist visiting this Buddhist shrine just happened to catch the exact moment when the enlightened one himself captured a passing jumbo jet by the tail. With his peaceful nature, we imagine everyone landed safely.

2- Photobombed By A Shark

Just when you thought it was safe to take another selfie, this happens. We assume the intrepid photographer was unharmed, or this image would have gone down with the ship, so to speak.

3- Fish Head

In this perfectly timed photo, we see a fish strategically pass right by a snorkeler’s head, creating a strange new hybrid for a brief moment.

4- Foot Head

If aliens from another galaxy tried to design a human based on a pile of parts, without knowing what we looked like, the results might appear something like this. A chance photo at the perfect moment captured this gymnast’s head fully tucked away while her foot takes its place.

5- Splashdown

Taking pictures at the beach is hard enough. With waves, wind, and water, a number of elements can ruin the shot. Luckily for this lady, her photography captured the exact second that a wave broke over her sandy throne.

6- Nebulous Horse Head

In a moment of confusing perspective, the woman standing by her horses appears to have had a teleportation accident, melding with her steed!

7- Water Hat

One of the most eye pleasing feats of modern photography is the ability to capture water in motion. Here we see an especially fun example, with a virtual waterborne hat floating on this child’s head.

8- Puppy Fishing

Whit it may appear that an especially coiffed labrador retriever is angling on this doc, we assure you that the redheaded woman is indeed holding the pole.

9- Big Man, Tiny Hat

Sometimes the perfect shot is all about perspective, even more than timing. Here we see a distant wall decal of a bowler hat resting atop the man in the striped sweater’s head.

10- Caught By Surprise

While you’ve likely seen dozens of images of birds catching their fishy prey, it’s not every day that we catch a moment like this. The fish was innocently leaping from the water directly into the bird’s beak, with a look of regret on its face.

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11- Fire Breathing Pooch

While we’re proud to boast of all the tricks our dogs can do, it’s fair to say that they aren’t as impressive as this seemingly fire-breathing pup. Can your pet light an entire campfire by himself?

12- Hosed Overboard

Perhaps in a demonstration of the power of a firehose, or a simple safety exercise accident, here we see a man blasting clear off the deck with a water cannon to the face. This one might sting a little!

13- Blow Out

Shaking your soda to get that rich, creamy volcano of fizz is one of life’s simplest pleasures. Capturing it mid-blast as a pair of toddlers look on is priceless.

14- Shadow Lovers
Shadow Couple

Even the dog can’t help but notice the what-if scenario presented by the shadows of these two passers-by. Unbeknownst to each of them, their shadows are embracing for a kiss.

15- Holy Pool

Is the dog so afraid of water that he literally skips across the surface? We may never know, but this pool walk reminds us of a certain holy healer.