You Won’t Believe These People Actually Exist Amongst Us

6. Most Tattooed Woman- Julia Gnuse

Most Tatted Woman

It is quite rare for women to get tatted but Julia loves tattoos and that is very obvious with just one look at her. In fact, 96% of her skin has been tatted. At first, she used tattoo to cover up her medical skin condition but she was not able to stop herself since then.

7. Most Tatted Man -Lucky Diamond Rich

Most Tatted Man

Another man who loves tattoos! He actually holds the biggest record for the most tattoos in the body. In fact, he has tattoos in 100% of his body. In addition to that, he also has tattoos in his foreskin, eyelids and even the insides of his mouth. Oh how painful that can be!

8. Widest Hips- Mikel Ruffinelli

Widest Hips


All women wish to be curvy but they can never be as curvy as this one. Mikel has been declared as the woman with the widest hips. Her husband has surely hit the jackpot when he married her. In fact, her hips is about 8 feet!

9. Steroid Men

Steroid Men


Of course, men would love to have big and muscular body but some men tend to go overboard. While they can be able to achieve the body that they want using steroids, its use comes with some serious side effects, including cardiovascular diseases.

10. Steroid Women

Steroid Women

Men are not the only ones who love steroids. There are also many women who use the same body enhancers in order to achieve the body that they wish to achieve. However, their bodies look a bit scary. Their pictures are great examples why people should choose to stick to whey protein instead.