Before Passing, This Amazing Little Girl Left Incredible Notes For Her Family

This is a story of tragedy, sadness, resilience, beauty, and the selfless acts of a young girl who was going through a terrible illness. Elena Desserich did not allow her suffering to dampen her spirits or allow her to forget what’s truly beautiful about life.

You will need some tissue to get through this story, but beware there is light at the end of the tunnel. While most will begin to break down on #8, you will have a smile on your face when you read #4.

This amazing story should go to inspire us all and show us how much beauty remains in this world.

The Desserich Family

This is the Desserich family: Keith, Gracie, Elena, and Brooke. When Elena was five, she was like most girls of her age. She loved the color pink, she loved to draw, and she loved dressing up. However, her family would soon learn that Elena was wise beyond her years.

This is the story of Elena Desserich.

She Was A Normal Little Girl

Growing up in Ohio, Elena was quite intelligent. She loved to read and was extremely creative. Elena would often write her name backwards because she liked the way it looked. She had aspirations at a young age to become a teacher later in life.

Everyone loved Elena and weren’t ready for the tragic news that was coming…

The Terrible News

Shortly before Elena turned six, her parents received some devastating news. Brooke and Keith were not ready to have their world turned upside down, but that’s what happened when a doctor told them of Elena’s diagnosis…

Sadly, Elena was suffering from an incurable brain cancer and was only given several months to live.

Elena Figured Out She Was Sick

While Brook and Keith went to great lengths to keep the news from their daughters, Elena began to figure out how sick she was. As her treatments became more frequent and intense, she would quickly figure out that she didn’t have much longer to live.

However, not even that realization would keep Elena down…

Elena Kept Her Spirits High

Radiation therapy began to greatly restrict Elena’s physical capabilities, leaving her unable to speak and wheelchair bound. Yet, Elena would not allow her situation to keep her spirits down. Elena began communicating with her family by using a piece of paper and a felt-tip pen.

Elena wouldn’t stop there either…