Is Your Partner Keeping Secrets From You Like These?

All healthy relationships are built on trust, but some people realize their partners were just plain phony. Reddit users were asked what one thing a significant other hid from them until after their relationship was over, and their answers will make anyone second-guess their love life!

You won’t believe the price of secrecy in slide #6!

10. Living Under The Enemy’s Roof

One unlucky Reddit user was told by their girlfriend that she lived with her godparents. They were in for quite a shock when they realized her godparents were really her ex-boyfriend’s parents. How convenient!

Everything was still alright until the ex-boyfriend moved back in. Time to pack!

The person in slide #7 was in for a shock when they met the parents!

9. True Love Starts At The Stomach

One woman recalls her now-husband grilling her the most perfect, decadent steaks every single time they decided to indulge in a hearty meal. He crafted the best steaks for years, and not until recently did she realize the first time he made her a steak was the first time he had ever attempted to cook the dish in his life.

Her husband simply studied how to make the perfect steak to impress his now-wife. His efforts definitely paid off!

8. Never Take A Serial Dater Seriously

This woman witnessed the ultimate red flag when her then-boyfriend invited her to a party where his ex-girlfriend would be, except he had not cut ties with her yet. She was also certain that he was seeing someone else before they finalized their divorce, and then he was seeing someone before he broke up with that woman as well.

This man is a certified mess — better steer clear!

7. This Man Is Definitely A Keeper

One woman waited a year to meet her boyfriend’s parents because he claimed a lot of women dated him for his possessions. This man was a farmer, but apparently a multi-millionaire farmer at that. She met his family at their lavish mansion.

Good things come to those who wait, and the next slide proves that ignorance is pure bliss!

6. Silence Is Golden, Literally

One Reddit user discovered that a significant other came into a large inheritance when their relationship began, and they reveal it was “wonderful surprise – especially because we were secure financially without it.”

Keeping quiet about huge financial gains is somewhat sketchy, especially when it comes to the one you love!