Parents Discover The Shocking Truth About Teen’s Disappearance 7 YEARS LATER

In the Spring of 2009, 17-year-old Brittanee Drexel decided to go to Myrtle Beach to for Spring Break at the behest of her parents. After a few nights of celebrating, Brittanee went missing and the search for her began.


It was thought to be a kidnapping, and the last person to see Brittanee became the primary suspect. Although she had not turned up anywhere, her parents would not give up hope. What they discovered about Brittanee’s whereabouts is a lesson to every child about going off on your own. Click next to discover the shocking truth about what happened.

#12. Who Was Brittanee Drexel?

Brittanee Drexel was an attractive and smart young girl who had everything in her life going her way. She was in her final year of high school and was looking forward to graduating and enrolling in cosmetology school. She lived with her parents and two siblings in Chili, New York.

#11. Kids Will Be Kids

Brittanee happened to be blind in one eye. Throughout her life, she required a few eye surgeries to help with her condition. She had to wear special contact lenses to help keep one eye from wandering but she also kept a positive spirit. With trouble at home, she and her friends planned a secret trip for Spring Break.

#10. Planning Her Spring Break

Brittanee’s mother had told her she wasn’t allowed to go on the trip with her friends. These friends were fairly new, and her mom did not know their true intentions. Additionally, there were no adults planning to chaperone the young kids. Click over to slide #9 to see what Brittanee did about it.

#9. Defying Her Mother’s Wishes

Brittanee told her mother they were going to Charlotte Beach in New York and decided to head down to Myrtle Beach instead to party at the Bluewater Hotel. Meanwhile, a club promoter named Peter Brozowitz and four of his friends made the same plans. Find out what happened when they met in slide #8.