Paralyzed Cat Lucifer Becomes A Treasured Rescue Shelter Therapist

5. His Comforting Touch Helps The Injured


Luc goes to visit a new friend who has suffered an injury of some sort. He checks out the situation and makes a quick decision to gaze into the injured animal’s eyes. He knows what it’s like to feel helpless, and he uses his wide gleaming eyes, and body language to convey his caring thoughts.

4. He Makes Recovering From Surgery Easier

It seems like there’s always an animal who is in need of Luc’s therapy services. On many occasions, Luc is called upon to provide a comforting presence to a patient who has undergone surgery. These cases are tough, but Luc has the mental stamina to help patients get through those difficult days.

Luc donates…

3. Some Cats Owe Their Life To Him

Just like humans, animals sometimes need a life-saving blood transfusion in order to survive. Being the kind of cat that gives fully of himself, Luc didn’t raise a hair when he was tapped to donate blood to a few cats in urgent need. Luc was monitored carefully, and the transfusions were a success!

2. Luc Loves His Job

If Luc could talk, he’d tell everyone how much he loves being a therapy cat. He enjoys visiting all the animals, and he doesn’t care one whit if the patient is a cat, dog, or hamster. All he cares about is making them feel loved and cared about, and his healing energy works.

1. Fame Hasn’t Gone To His Head

When Luc isn’t making the therapy rounds at his workplace or taking a play or nap break, he’s striking a model pose for the cameras. His duties include doing PR for the clinic. He’s naturally photogenic and totally comfortable with being an international media star. Primarily, though, he’s Luc the cool therapy cat.