Paralyzed Cat Lucifer Becomes A Treasured Rescue Shelter Therapist

Lucifer the cat (Luc for short), is only on his first of nine lives, and it’s a pretty good life for a feline who may have ended up in a bad way.

Luc makes his home in Perm, Russia, and he’s gotten a lot of worldwide attention for something special he does. While it’s common to hear about working dogs, it’s less common to hear about working cats like Luc.

Luc’s story about how he works as a therapeutic cat at the local Perm animal clinic has captivated millions. Go to Slide #9 to learn about his disability. Slide #7 reveals why he’s famous.

10. It All Started With a Rescue

Luc is a very fortunate kitty. He was in big trouble when his owners found him. This beautiful black cat couldn’t move his two hind legs, rendering him practically helpless. Without the ability to walk, Luc couldn’t get around easily, which made his prospects for the future very bleak. Now he has a forever home.

9. His Disability Is Permanent

Once he was in safe hands, Luc was taken to the vet and that’s when his new owners found out that his walking troubles are due to some type of serious spinal cord injury. This is pretty deep news for an otherwise healthy cat, but Luc seems to take it all in stride.

8. He Knows How It Feels To Be A Patient

While Luc was a patient at the Perm clinic, he was put on an examination table. Humans with kind faces and soothing words poked and prodded him with strange instruments. He was subjected to tests and some things were downright scary, but he got through it like a champ.
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7. Patient Luc Becomes Therapy Cat Luc

Luc’s kind and calm nature didn’t go unnoticed by the good doctors at the vet. Despite his rough start in life, and his permanent disability, Luc has a natural empathy that helps him make fast friends with other animals. After his release from medical care, Luc became a therapy cat at the vet clinic.

6. He Cuddles The Young

Imagine being a young, sick puppy or kitten stuck in a big, unfamiliar place all alone. Familiar faces have been replaced by the faces of strangers, and all you want to do is go home and be with your people. Suddenly, a gentle black cat curls up next to you, and his cuddling puts you at ease.