What One Family’s Dog Did Will Shock You



Dogs are and have always been man’s best friend for a reason. Every day it seems as though a dog has done something to amaze us. They can save us, they can teach us, and they can help us in our everyday challenges. Having a baby can be a pretty scary thing. They are fragile little humans that need constant protection from multiple dangers. When you put a dog and a baby together, however, incredible things can happen. Just click through to read the story of one family and their dog. You won’t believe what happens on slide nine!

#12 They Were Just A Normal Family


The Brousseau family is just like any other ordinarily normal family like you and me. They had a little boy, a little girl, and a mom and dad that absolutely loved each other. Even though they seemed to have everything they could ever want, something still seemed to be missing…

#11 They Wanted To Rescue A Dog


They decided they wanted to add a new member to the family, this time, one with four legs! They went ahead to their local animal shelter and adopted an adorable little pup named Duke. They had actually been able to save Duke from euthanasia, as the animal shelter was becoming overpopulated!

#10 They Had The Perfect Family


The couple and the children seemed to finally be complete in their perfect little family. They had wonderful children, and now an adorable new four-legged best friend! Everything seemed to be perfect like nothing could ever possibly go wrong. That was, until one night, something out of the ordinary happened.

#9 It Was Just A Normal Night


It seemed to be a normal night, just like any other in the Brousseau household. The children were peacefully sleeping in their respective beds, and the husband and wife laid down to rest. But out of nowhere, Duke came into their room and started to act a bit out of the ordinary.