How One Act Of Kindness Transformed A Homeless Man’s Life

featured-imageHomeless people are often invisible to the folks who pass them on the streets. In these tough economic times, it has become harder and harder to open our hearts to those who have it worse than us.


Instead, many of us fall back on judgments to protect our own sanity, “maybe they’d spend the money on drugs or alcohol” or “maybe they brought this on themselves.”

Cesia Abigail didn’t pass on by with an excuse when she met a homeless man. What she did was totally unexpected and the results of her kindness should be an inspiration to us all.

10. Meet Cesia

001-10-meet-cesia-1035156Cesia works hard for her money. She’s the owner and worker at Abi’s Cafe which specializes in Salvadorian food in Minneapolis’ Lake Street area. She loves working with food but says it’s a hard job which brings little in the way of financial rewards which is why she found it hard to deal with Marcus as first.

9. Cesia Meets Marcus

002-9-cesia-meets-marcus-376eea4d18664a89961900aa3eb0ae2fMarcus was sleeping on the streets and in desperation, he turned to Cesia’s cafe and walked in to ask for some food. Cesia wasn’t too friendly at first she greeted his request with, “You know nothing is given to me for free, right?” and followed it with “Why don’t you have a job?”

8. A Confession

003-8-a-confession-1035160Marcus told Cesia that he didn’t have a job because he had felony convictions in his past and that no-one would give him money. He also admitted that sometimes he stole to get by. Cesia measured him up and said, “You want a job? Then I have one for you.”

7. Would Work for Food

004-7-would-work-for-food-1035163Marcus couldn’t believe it. He was very happy. He told Cesia that he’d be prepared to do anything for some food. So she told him he could work washing dishes for the next 2 hours just until the end of the day. She also made him a sandwich so that he could conquer his hunger. What he did shocked Cesia.