Obvious Mistakes We Never Noticed That Ruin Our Favorite Animated Movies

Cartoons were created for kids but have long since become a staple in children’s, adult, and family entertainment.

As kids, we watched and enjoyed animated movies without any thought of the technical challenges and expertise that went into making them. We certainly didn’t look out for the kinds of missteps and mistakes that we see as adults.

If you like your cartoon films unspoiled, then look away now because we are about to show some howling oversights that, once you know about them, you can never unsee.

One movie has even made the list twice. Bet you can’t guess which one it is.

10. The Incredibles (2004)

In The Incredibles, the father of the family, Mr. Incredible, has newspaper clippings celebrating his previous escapades hanging on his office wall. One of the old and yellow front pages has a date of September 16, 2002, which is roughly 40 years aheadĀ of the alternative 1960s when The Incredibles is set.