Nubian Skin Makes “Nude” Lingerie For A Long-Ignored Market

5. The Secret Of Skin Tone Success


“One of my recurring frustrations had been never being able to find tights that were the right color or just having a nude bra that I could wear under a white blouse — any blouse, really” explained Hassan. They are one of the very few companies who has burst onto the intimate-apparel scene within the last five years.

4. The New Meaning Of Nude

Editor of Lingerie Insight magazine Sarah Clarke says, “their aim is to change the meaning of the word ‘nude,’ which used to be synonymous with lighter skin shades.” She says the trend has taken off as the world becomes more diversely populated. There’s something bigger that has perpetuated this new need described in #3.

3. Social Media Assistance


“The rise of social media has given consumers a voice, allowing them to express what’s missing in their lingerie wardrobes, and brands have responded to this audience,” Clarke says. And clothing makers are listening because companies “are starting to recognize that consumers come in all shades, not just pale pink.”

2. Ade’s Previous Profession


Hassan is a prime example of the innovation displayed by today’s entrepreneurs. She had been working as a consultant and did not like her daily grind. She decided to start her own business and this idea appeared in her head. It grew faster than many companies experience as you’ll witness in #1.

1. What Many Women Have Been Waiting For


Today, Nubian Skin is offered in Nordstroms store and the famous British department store House of Fraser. Hassan believes their success is “a testament to the fact that we were doing something so innovative and that many women have been waiting for.” The long process of determining colors not widely available has certainly paid off.