No One Will Buy This Beautiful Mansion Because It Comes With A Dark Secret

This stunning mansion in Massachusetts should be an amazing home for anyone who loves Victorian architecture. However, a dark past keeps it from being purchased, despite its low price tag. The SK Pierce Victorian Mansion was built in 1875 and boasts 6,661 square feet of living space. The massive house has more than 70 windows and includes 10 bedrooms. At a price of just $329,000, this gorgeous building could be the perfect dream home or even a great bed and breakfast location.

Before you fork over the money, you should be warned — this gorgeous home comes with a few dark secrets, and maybe even a ghost or two!

10. S.K Pierce Home Built

S.K Pierce was a wealthy businessman in Gardner, Massachusetts in the late 1800s. He chose to show off his wealth by building a monstrous house across the street from his furniture business. Construction of the home took more than a year and 100 men working to complete. But while the home seemed perfect, tragedy struck Pierce’s family shortly after they moved in.