Newly Discovered Shipworm Is Demonic Nightmare Fuel From The Philippines

Who said that a scientist’s life is an easy one? Sure the job comes with a nice white coat and some really cool technical equipment, but scientists don’t always have an easy life.

Sometimes, they’ll be out investigating a natural phenomenon and they’ll discover something so incredibly repulsive that it might give you nightmares for a month or more.

That’s exactly what happened to a group of scientists working in marine biology off the coast of the Philippines recently. You won’t believe what they found lurking beneath the waves there, it was a truly disturbing sight.

10. Reminds You More Of Heaven, Not Hell


This is the coast of the Philippines. It’s got that look of perfect tropical destinations, doesn’t it? The perfectly clear water and beautiful beaches, they all add up to somewhere we’d all like to take a vacation, don’t they? Yet, there are monsters lurking beneath the waves.

9. Giant Shipworms

There has been a lot of evidence for the giant shipworm in recent years. Scientists have found many traces of where the creature has been in the past but no-one has ever been able to find a live specimen or even a body to examine. That is until recently.

8. A New, Horrifying Discovery

Daniel Distel is a microbiologist who works at Northeastern University. He recently published a paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science which described the process of discovering a live giant shipworm along with some theories of its evolution. Daniel hopes that this will help expand the range of human knowledge.

7. Two Decades Huntin’

Dr. Distel’s been looking for the giant shipworm for a very long time. He started searching nearly two decades ago. He says, “We were used to shipworms, which are very delicate creatures and much smaller. This thing is a really beefy animal.” The images that have been released of the shipworm bear this conclusion out.

6. People Actually Eat These

The live specimens weren’t discovered by chance and it turns out that all the science team needed to do was talk to the local people. The shipworms are a delicacy to the people of the Philippines and they like to eat them for the creature’s supposed medicinal properties.