Newly Discovered Shipworm Is Demonic Nightmare Fuel From The Philippines

Who said that a scientist’s life is an easy one? Sure the job comes with a nice white coat and some really cool technical equipment, but scientists don’t always have an easy life.

Sometimes, they’ll be out investigating a natural phenomenon and they’ll discover something so incredibly repulsive that it might give you nightmares for a month or more.

That’s exactly what happened to a group of scientists working in marine biology off the coast of the Philippines recently. You won’t believe what they found lurking beneath the waves there, it was a truly disturbing sight.

10. Reminds You More Of Heaven, Not Hell

This is the coast of the¬†Philippines. It’s got that look of perfect tropical destinations, doesn’t it? The perfectly clear water and beautiful beaches, they all add up to somewhere we’d all like to take a vacation, don’t they? Yet, there are monsters lurking beneath the waves.