Newborn Would Not Stop Crying. Mom Made A Near-Fatal Mistake

featured-imageGiving birth is an amazing, indescribable feeling. It is a joyous time in every woman’s life, and seeing your bundle of joy makes the lack of sleep and a never-ending, overflowing laundry basket so worth it. Sometimes serious, life-threatening problems arise that are out of any parent’s control, no matter how many parenting guides you get your hands on.


This mother was no stranger to her two-week-old son’s constant feedings and persistent cries. It was not until after a visit to the hospital that she realized something was terribly wrong with him, and other parents should take her story as a cautionary tale. Slide #3 reveals every new parent’s worst nightmare, and it should be shared with moms-to-be everywhere!

12. Lucinda Armstrong’s Newborn Would Not Stop Eating, Or Crying

001-12-lucinda-armstrong-s-newborn-would-not-1015948Armstrong’s son, two-week-old Ezra, was not missing any feedings. Weighing in at a hefty 9 pounds at birth, he was no stranger to crying before his next meal. Armstrong claims he was “gaining weight like a pro,” but he seemed to never get enough. The little guy’s formula intake was nearly double what his newborn-counterparts were consuming, making it nearly impossible for him to still be hungry.

11. The Cause Of Ezra’s Cry Was A Mystery

002-11-the-cause-of-ezra-s-cry-was-a-mystery-1016076Ezra’s mom continued to feed him but nothing seemed to help soothe him. Newborns cries usually signal hunger — it’s the only way they can communicate that it’s time for a snack — but sometimes a persistent cry can signal to something being seriously wrong. Ezra’s cries began to give Lucinda an indication that she should take action, and her motherly instinct kicked right in.

10. Ezra’s Condition, And Skin, Began To Worsen

003-10-ezra-s-condition-and-skin-began-to-wo-1016155This wasn’t Armstrong’s first time at the parenting rodeo — she had already been through the basics with her two-year-old daughter Lena. This was a baby situation she had not yet encountered, and she was not prepared. Things were getting serious. Ezra’s skin began to turn blotchy and red, and other scary symptoms started to pop up.

9. The Baby’s Temperature Set Armstrong’s Parenting Alarm Off

004-9-the-baby-s-temperature-set-armstrong-s-1016259Armstrong’s slight concerns turned into paralyzing fear. Her son’s condition was getting increasingly alarming. Ezra’s temperature was now a startling 101.6 degrees. A dangerously high temperature for a two-week-old baby. Armstrong couldn’t wait a moment longer, there was no denying that baby Ezra was in danger. That maternal instinct was about to kick in.